Faculty of Humanities and Science

Meenakshi Academy of Higher Education and Research



If the natural sciences are concerned with the physical aspects of the universe, then the Arts and Humanities are concerned with human thoughts, and the analysis of human activity and the development of nations.


English Department strives to provide an integrated education in English Language and its Literature and the applied and theoretical Linguistics through the development of lingual, intellectual and research skills of students to meet Labor market requirements. The department concerned with scientific research, community service and encouraging dialogue and understanding and intercultural communication.


Facilitating the training and graduation of female students, who are fluent in English language so that they acquire full knowledge of all the branches of the language, and then benefit other female graduates by teaching this language across the country.


Our mission in the Department of English is to be understood in what we aim to achieve. The main aim is enhancing of academic and scientific knowledge and achieving competence in English Language- both oral and in written. And to ensure the graduation of competent and reactive individuals in the study of English language and literature.

  1. • To enhance communication skills to the students.
  2. • To equip the students with manners, etiquettes and soft-skills.
  3. • To enable the students to use English language as a tool for employment and physical prosperity.
  4. • To develop interest among the students regarding literature as a fine art.
  5. • To inculcate aesthetic sense and human values among the students.


The English Club

‘The English Club’ of the department has been very active in conducting various activities such as elocution competition, essay writing competition, debate competition, poetry recitation competition, etc.

The Lit (o) speare

A novel programmers entitled “The Lit (o) speare” is conducted by the Department in order to motivate the students and to develop their vocabulary in an entertaining manner.

Spoken English Courses

The Department has set up an Audio-Visual centre equipped with latest books, CDs, VCDs, etc. This centre is used for conducting various courses in Spoken English which receives an enthusiastic response from the students.

Wall Paper Release

The Department runs wallpaper in order to promote the creative talent among the students of English. The wallpaper showcases various kinds of display material containing sketches, photographs, poems, articles and quotations etc.


1 Ms.S.Sharon Grace Asst.Professor M.A., (Ph.D) ELT and literature 6 months
2 Ms.M.Ponkavithamani Asst.Professor M.A., M.Phil Linguistics and Phonetics 14 yrs
3 Ms.PadmapriyaPrakash Asst.Professor M.A. Indian Literature, ELT. 6 yrs
4 Ms.UmaMaheswari Asst.Professor M.A.,M.Phil., ELT and Literature 3 yrs
5 Ms.PooraniIyalarasan Asst.Professor British Literature M.A.,M.Phil 2 yrs
6 Ms.S.Nishanthi Asst.Professor M.A.,M.Phil American and Australian literature. Fresher
7 Ms. Mohana Asst.Professor M.A.,(Ph.D) ELT and literature 6 months
8 Ms.G.Mythily Asst.Professor M.A.,M.Phil Post-colonial literature 1 year
9 Ms.Rubi Sikdar Asst.Professor M.A.,M.Phil Canadian literature 1 year

Job Oppurtunities

• Masters in English
This graduate program in English is designed to provide advanced study in composition studies. It provides for personal and professional advancement.
• Journalist
A journalist, who collects, writes, or distributes news or other current information to the public.
• copy editor
Copy editing is the process of reviewing and correcting material to improve accuracy, readability and to ensure that is free of error.
• content editor
Content editors are responsible for all aspects of content, which includes development, design, production, presentation, evaluation and analysis, to name a few.
• script writer
The screenwriter is the writer of the script of a film.
• Translator
Reading material and researching industry-specific terminology
• Theatre actor
They interpret a writer’s script to entertain the audience
• Social media manager
Marketing campaigns and day-to-day activities
• Human resource specialist
Preparing or updating employment records related to hiring, transferring, promoting and terminating
• Proof reader
In charge of making sure that the text of any product that involves writing
• Public relation specialist
Responsible for handling all aspects of planned publicity campaigns and PR activities.
• Grant writer
Come up with organization’s programs, goals and financial needs.
• Editors and content manager
Proofreading, formulating content strategies and managing a content team
• Teaching English as second language
Teaching English as a second language to the foreign students
• IELTS trainer
Providing students with motivation, feedback and sound study advice as they progress through their studies.
• Voice trainer
Voice and accent training.