A striking feature of this institution is well-planned and comprehensive infrastructure provided to the students and faculty. We are comprised with spacious Lecture halls, separate floors for different disciplines, well equipped with air conditioned Computer and Digital Lab utilized by all the departments with respect to their own specifications. The college provides with modern conference, seminar halls and Digital Library. The students are facilitated with smart classrooms, LCD projector and well comfort seating arrangements.

Smart Classrooms

The students are provided with Smart Classrooms to conduct Seminars, Lectures, Project reviews and other curricula activities with respect to their discipline.


The institution as hi-tech and fully equipped computer labs which are fully air- conditioned. Furnished lab with highly configured computers with latest software The access to the entire user is secured with the username and password. The entire computer in our campus is connected in LAN and provided with internet facility. Deploying IT based services for the workflow and academic activities and ensures E-Governance.


   Fibre net facility available for all computers.

   Uninterrupted facility Available for Backup.

   Network attached storage data back-up.

Digital and Electronic circuits laborites

Students are given opportunity to apply the concepts learnt inside the classroom in the modern, well equipped laboratories of the Department of Electronics and Communication. In each laboratory course in the curriculum, the students are given an open choice of experiment named as ‘Mini project’ for that particular laboratory at the end of the course. Necessary equipments and components available to meet course curricula.


The auditorium with a pleasing acoustic system and over 300 seating capacity. Regular venue for conferences, workshops and seminars, this auditorium has all the facilities to enhance the learning process.